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Mirror Darkness, site-specific installation Lumen Studio (The Crypt, St John on Bethnal Green): black gloss acrylic, steel, manipulated digital prints: B68; Coalsack Nebulae; LDN 483; LDN 1768; LDN 1774; Lupus Nebula. Dimensions variable

The suffering stars in these clouds are scattered,
Text written by machine learning algorithm
‘Mirror Darkness’ is a site-specific installation that parallels the strangely futuristic qualities of Lumen Crypt Gallery – designed by Sir John Soane and built in the early nineteenth century – with the architecture of space telescopes. Drawing on the darkness and religious context of the crypt, images of dark nebulae are manipulated to resemble strange, supernatural, cloud like forms – poised in configurations around black mirrors that have been cut to designs based on the James Webb Telescope.

A narrative accompaniment to the installation poses as the machinic voice of a telescope. The text is written by a deep learning algorithm trained on telescope technical papers and the medieval Christian mystical text, ‘The Cloud of Unknowing’.