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Sensing Space: ‘Saggitarius B2’, smoked raspberry daquiri;  Hidden Dimensions canapé, edible clay coated apples.

Edibles for ‘Sensing Space’ with Dr Roberto Trotta, Imperial College London. Curated by Super/Collider at The Collective, London.

A smoked rapsberry daquiri represents the flavour of molecular clouds found in Sagittarius B2 – a gas cloud at the centre of the Milky Way. Here, scientists have found the compound Ethyl Formate, which is responsible for the flavour of raspberries and the smell of rum. An applewood smoke is injected into the glass before serving and gives further impression of the aromas and taste of outer space.

Scientists have reported that the Universe may contain extra dimensions, shaped like apples. Mini apples are coated in an edible clay. Visually they appear like planets, but when cut or bitten into, they reveal hidden dimensions.