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κόσμος – Part II, c-type prints (cosmetics, mirrors), 297 x 420 mm (unframed).
A continuing body of work that appropriates information from scientific cosmology and cosmetology to record the activities of a fictitious group, or secret society of women who use cosmetic materials and processes to communicate with the cosmos.This pursuit draws from the etymology of the word cosmetics. The word derives from the Ancient Greek κόσμος or ‘kosmos’ that means orderly arrangement in terms of both bodily adornment and the grand structure of the heavens.

Part II & III are photographic representations of ‘rituals’ using cosmetics and mirrors – referencing both personal beauty routines and astronomy equipment and methods. For example, mirrors are integral to personal grooming and also the light gathering component within most major reflecting telescopes, their highly polished surfaces allowing us to see into the farthest reaches of outer-space. The mirror is a portal into other realms or worlds. The mirror and the lens are also the primary viewing components in both the camera and the telescope and are here inverted so they become the primary materials of the work itself – vision and intellect are turned upon themselves drawing attention to the act of looking and construction of knowledge.